Carol Kabler’s 100th Birthday

On July 21st, Carol turned 100, and the Village of Claiborne celebrated. Her family and friends brought food and champagne, and the Village Hall was packed. Thanks to Jack Harrald’s excellent music selections, the Claiborne Chorale opened with “You Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby” and that’s about when I started crying. Can you imagine being loved so much by so many people? A hundred years!

Of course Jim Richardson wrote a poem, and so did Anna, Carol’s great granddaughter, who delivered it with the poise and grace befitting the Kabler family. (I love that all the Claiborne kids are so comfortable on stage!) The men stripped down to t-shirts with a tuxedo screenprint and sang to her, with each then stepping up to give her a kiss and a rose (more tears. My heart about burst open at that point.) There was ukulele playing and delicious food (thanks, Mo, for making all those mini crabcakes!) and after it was all cleaned up we sat outside on the picnic tables, ate the rest of the food and drank all of the wine and champagne, telling tall tales and making up stories. A perfect summer evening in the village.

It was a centennial celebration and my heart is full as I write these words. Carol Kabler, you inspire us!

~ by kbosin on August 1, 2015.

3 Responses to “Carol Kabler’s 100th Birthday”

  1. Your village (still) is a wonderful place. We had the pleasure of seeing Miss Carol at church and celebrating with her there. She’s amazing. And I complimented her on her haircut. Because she needed to look good at her coming of age party.

  2. Excellent tribute KB! Carol’s spirit is part of what makes Claiborne so great! We are so lucky to be a part of this amazing community… By the way the crab cakes were a team effort thanks to you Kathy!

  3. And I had “a few” of those crab cakes – thanks Mo and Kathy…and happy birthday to Mo today (8/2). I didn’t realize when I saw you last night that you were going to be older today!

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