On assignment: Dorchester County

Visited Dorchester County yesterday – Maryland’s largest county by land mass, but not so by population. Salt marsh, mostly – hundreds of thousands of acres of swirling, moving, shifting marsh land. Chesapeake bounty. Raw nature.

Historically vibrant towns and villages ever threatened by changing climate and rising seas. Independent, rugged, resilient communities, with ever decreasing numbers.

I was looking at the intersection of land and water and community, historic sites and communities versus the ever creeping tides.

The built environment, sinking into the marsh. Some 380 acres each year. The seas, rising. The times, a-changin’.

Cultural history shifts in front of our eyes. And the Harriet Tubman Educational Center is a beautiful new complex under construction, rising from the marsh like a phoenix. Fabulous.

~ by kbosin on September 27, 2015.

7 Responses to “On assignment: Dorchester County”

  1. But of course there is no global warning, right?

  2. Awesome photos. On a flood tide (like yesterday) when the Bay invades the roads and front yards, it makes for a spooky glimpse into what will become the everyday.

  3. global warming or red full moon high tides? Humm

  4. Pretty sure it’s a combination of three colliding issues, Alice and Bill – sea level rise, the supermoon tide that I happened to catch, and the slow slide down of the tectonic plate.

  5. Latest projections for Hurricane Joaquin are not looking good; making landfall near mouth of Chesapeake Bay (similar to Isabel in 2003) – would put much of Dorchester underwater again.

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