Southern Md stuffed ham

St. Mary’s County, MD is the home of Southern MD stuffed ham. If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you’ve heard about it, since Southern MD is the only place you can get it. It’s an autumn thing, a holiday tradition. My sister and I have talked about making one together for years, and we finally did it. WAY more fun than I expected. Here is a short video, some pics and the recipe. I think we just created a new Christmas tradition!

Unfortunately, I dropped my camera on the street on Tangier Island a couple weeks back (I KNOW!) so had to use my iPhone to take these photos. Less than great, but you can see how it’s done.

And I’ll just say – Southern MD stuffed ham is one of the best holiday traditions anywhere. And doing it in Southern MD with my sis? Absolutely super fun and YUM. Do it again next year? You bet.

Video – Making a Southern MD Stuffed Ham

And here’s the recipe from Laurie’s pal Tammy Kieber:

1 15 lb corned ham (order from McKay’s grocery store, and get it boned, tied and wrapped)

2 medium heads cabbage

4 lbs kale

2 lbs onions

1 box celery seed (1 3/4 ozs)

1 box mustard seed (2 3/8 ozs)

6 rounded teaspoons ground red pepper (less if you don’t’ like it hot)

3 level tablespoons salt

chop onions,  greens  and mix seasonings with greens. Cut 2″ pockets into the ham and stuff green mixer into pockets throughout the ham.

Once ham is stuffed place it in a cloth bag (cheese cloth) and tie together then put ham in pot of boiling water.

Cooking– slow boil for 20 minutes per pound.

~ by kbosin on December 20, 2015.

2 Responses to “Southern Md stuffed ham”

  1. I think you have to boil the greens mixture. I remember my husband fixing this many years ago and we had big pots cooking on the stove.

    • Funny you bring that up, Sandie. We were looking at YouTube videos on it and while both the recipes we were using did not boil the greens, the videos did. Since we chopped the greens finely and knew we were going to be boiling the ham itself for five hours, we elected to not boil the greens first. It came out delicious!

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