blue o’clock

No reason to even go out to the studio in today’s snowstorm – I stayed IN. Thankful that Kevin is keeping the woodstove going out there, just in case. I hung out in the house, with the internet and spotify and Zip and Kev and blankets.

As far as the giant blizzard goes, all is well in our part of Maryland, I think – judging by my facebook and twitter feed, most people who aren’t in a beach town are ok. In Bozman we have knee deep snow, and it’s really, really windy now. Drifts and hopefully no power outages.

Here’s to finishing out a safe first blizzard of the year, and honestly? That’s enough, no more.


~ by kbosin on January 23, 2016.

3 Responses to “blue o’clock”

  1. You know, it wasn’t so long ago that “power” didn’t exist – particularly in places like Bozman. Makes you wonder just what’s really necessary in this life?

  2. It’s so beautiful. So glad everyone still has power.

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  3. So glad we didn’t lose power, so we were able to stay warm. The wind gusts hit the side of my house very hard, I thought my beautiful chimes would fly off the ceiling of my screened-in porch. It is so very quiet today and pleasant to see the sun.

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