Only in #Claiborne.

So, we were doing our annual Valentine creation fest (we miss you Patti) today at the Village Hall (miss you too, Martha/Jim, Sarah/Phil, Judy/Jack, Kirke) in spite of the freezing cold because: Claiborne. (Thanks for the pizza!)


Of course, we weren’t ALL making Valentines…


I spied this small card sitting neatly on the deep windowsill near the PO Boxes.


Hmm…what’s this?

I opened it.


I said “Hey? Anybody know about this?”

And Pat replied, “oh yeah, we’re just not sure who it belongs to….”


~ by kbosin on February 13, 2016.

3 Responses to “Only in #Claiborne.”

  1. Such a fun time, as usual. Love Claiborne.

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  2. “Claiborne — the little town that Time has not erased!”


  3. Pretty neat!

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