How not to grow oysters

Don’t forget and leave your oysters in shallow water that empties during low tides in the cold freeze of winter. When oysters are covered with water and freeze, they’re ok.

But when out of water and exposed to freezing air? They die.

I walked out this morning to take a close look at frozen Harris Cove, and spied our oyster cage lying in the mud. Ruh roh.


These were sturdy young triploids, grown by Johnny Oyster Seed and placed in our simple cylinder in the fall. Typically, we take them to deeper water for the winter. Looks like (the big “we”) forgot to move them this year. Bummer!

This single oyster, on the other hand, will probably live. It’s been standing up out of the mud, but is encased in ice.


Looks like we blew it this year.


~ by kbosin on February 19, 2016.

5 Responses to “How not to grow oysters”

  1. Definitely a no-no, but I suspect all isn’t lost… I’ve often been surprised by the resiliency of oysters – come spring, sort through them and I bet you’ll find some survivors (hopefully a bunch).

  2. By “We” I’m assuming Kevin!

  3. You are forgiven. Herman and nancy

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