it’s 39 degrees…

…at twilight on the first Saturday of March in Bozman. Strong winds blew all the water out of the cove on Friday, and I watched it stay out all day long. We could lose some oysters if it freezes tonight. But it’s been warm, and cherry trees have been blooming for a month in Easton. Daylight wakes me earlier each day, and the birds are deafening.

Spring returns. Welcome back, old friend.


~ by kbosin on March 4, 2017.

3 Responses to “it’s 39 degrees…”

  1. I *think* the oysters will be OK for this one night. Let ’em sit on the mud if you can – it’ll be a source of heat.

    I took advantage of the low tide to walk a local shoreline and gather some *huge* wild oysters. Gonna use them for broodstock when I experiment with spawning this spring.

  2. Kathy, the wind is chilling and I hope for warmer, balmy breezes ahead. I do hope those oysters will filter the coming tide soon. I noticed in this past year we have stronger winds during the summer and this winter than I can remember. My shoreline is eroding at a fast pace.

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