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We moved here in the fall of 2008 – from an urban life in St. Louis to a quiet life on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. When we spied a job on the internet for caretakers of a 200 acre waterfront estate, everything started moving quickly. We packed up 24 years of life, with 10  years worth of an art studio in a historic monument company, and handed the keys off to commercial tenants.

And just like that……….. we became Easterners again!

kevin's big fish_edited-1

Helping the estate owners to deal with their inherited property was a good match for us, and we spent some 500 days living and working on the estate.

We watched osprey and bald eagles from the windows, collected seaweed from beaches for the compost pile, gardened, mowed, crabbed, fished, planted, painted, schlepped, cleaned, dealt with contractors, visitors, guests and arborists. Once the property was ready for vacation rentals and an eventual sale, we moved to a small village nearby.

Life in this rural section of Maryland is like living in another time, yet all the comforts of a modern life are present. Locals have been living off the land and water for generations.  A rural economy, led by agriculture and the seafood industry has a different rhythm than the large city life we knew so well.

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People eat locally here in a way I’ve never seen – food pops up out of the ground, swims up, flies in, falls out of trees, wanders into the field.

Winter is all about oysters, waterfowl, deer. Spring brings the shad run first, then every possible fruit and vegetable grow in season in this warm climate. Crabs start migrating up from the Atlantic in early winter, and arrive in the mid-shore by the season opening in April.

Perch bite as the water warms and by autumn, as the crabs begin to slink back down into the Bay, the geese and ducks arrive to winter on the Chesapeake by the millions. In December, the big rockfish (striped bass) can be found in the lower Bay, and the cycle starts again.

A Chesapeake Journal is all about life here – this life, this community, these friends, these local stories. And as I began to tell these stories, they kept coming out.

3 years later, I’ve become an accidental journalist.  I find the people and stories of this land endlessly fascinating, and images and places and faces keep appearing on this page.

You can also see my work on the Talbot Spy – an online local newspaper.

Thanks for visiting!

Come back again!

21 Responses to “About”

  1. Everybody looks well and happy…..but I can’t believe you have a blog and didn’t tell me. Shame! (You can’t see me but I’m wagging my finger at you.)

  2. Kathy,

    Thanks for letting me know about your blog. It is just delightful! Keep me posted: downstreamsu@yahoo.com

  3. Love your remblings and loved meeting you on our homemaker trip. Still would like to talk to you about the oyster program over by you.

  4. Hi Kathy! I saw your blog posting regarding the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum’s boat shop which was linked to the Museum’s Facebook page. I’ve really enjoyed reading your perspective of life on the Eastern Shore, and as a newcomer myself, I can totally relate to your appreciation of this charming, laid back place we get to call home. I wondered if you would allow me to excerpt your quote from Jan. 21 regarding the Museum’s Boat Shop to use in our next Annual Fund appeal letter? I will credit “a Chesapeake Journal” and provide the link to your blog, unless you’d prefer I did not.

    Please let me know, and thanks for your kind words and support of the Museum!


  5. Hi
    Im a recent transplant to the Shore too…We arrived last April and I have been gardening, puttering and bird watching between Greenwood Creek and the Wye River in QAC…Nice blog and pictures, its good to find other wash a shores!


  6. Almost forgot my blog


  7. Hi Kathy,

    Great meeting you a few weeks ago at the Chamber of Commerce! I have really enjoyed your blog.

  8. Hi there,
    So glad to see the Bay show up on Freshly Pressed – congrats! My family has a home on the Bay down in the Northern Neck of VA and we are equally enchanted with it. Your pictures are wonderful, thanks for showing off the Chesapeake!

  9. this was really cool!

  10. Kathy,

    We are delighted your Mom forwarded this on to us. You and Kevin both look great and we’ll look forward to more of your blogs.

    Aunt Marie and Uncle Bob

  11. Kathy, because I enjoy and admire your blog so much, I have nominated you for the ABC Award.
    In order to accept this award, you must comply with the two rules. Then you may place the Award logo on your site. Please do not feel any pressure to accept this award, I understand if you do not wish to participate. But know your site is appreciated! Have a great weekend! Donna

  12. Glad I found your blog. Many of my photographs portray life on the Bay and its rivers, and I enjoy reading about other people’s adventures and seeing their pics related to the Chesapeake. Look forward to following your adventures. — Rob

  13. I LOVE your blog! So glad to find it!

  14. Came across your blog tonight, and it’s nice to find a fellow Maryland blogger! I’m from the Eastern Shore originally and currently live in Annapolis. Your pictures of life on the shore bring back great memories for me! I’m your newest follower 🙂 Can’t wait to see more!

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