30 sunrises – July 2009

The caretaker’s house – the farmhouse – on the estate faced east, looking out onto the Miles river. From Day One, we pushed the bed right up against the three windows overlooking the Miles River, only some 30 feet away from the farmhouse.  The pounding and sloshing sounds of the water, interacting with the rip rap below were ever-present, a backdrop to every little thing. At any moment, you’d see a bald eagle – or a heron – or an osprey – fly right past you only 40 feet away – whoosh – wow! I decided to take a photograph every morning at sunrise in July of 2009 – and I really thought they’d basically look the same – summer sunrise, high humidity, quiet water – same old thing.

Whoa.  Not.

I’d wake – as always – with the first light (oyster light), sit up, grab the camera stashed right there, slide open the window and click. Window down, camera down, boom – back to sleep for a bit longer. Downloading, I was astonished at how different each sunrise really was. Within 30 minutes of any of those pics, the sun mostly rose high and the light was hot and strong. But the start of each day – so cool – as individual as we are.

2 Responses to “30 sunrises – July 2009”

  1. I love these! They would go well with my cloud journal (see http://www.MissLirio.com)

  2. indeed, they would! We should collaborate.

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